7 Chakras of Yoga

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What Are The 7 Chakras of Yoga? When you first dive into the world of yoga, one of the few terms that you would come in contact with is the word – chakras. While there is no specific or solid definition of what it is, chakras plays an important role in the yoga philosophy of knowing…

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Weight Loss

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One Pound At A Time Weight-Loss refers to the reduction of total body mass with loss of fluid and body fat. Weight-Loss can be intentional or can be unintentional. However we are going to focus on intentional weight loss while following the best weight loss guide. Intentional weight loss is loss of body mass as a…

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Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. "I think, that when you start doing yoga and you start listening to yourself, you stay in yoga, because it is so deep." - Petri Raisanen What is Yoga? Yoga means to unite with the self or become one. The word Yoga which…

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For covid-19-latest-updates-2021 Please CLICK HERE Coronavirus or COVID - 19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease originated from Wuhan, China and then caused global pandemic. Here we will see Covid-19 latest updates of 2021. Symptoms: FeverDry CoughFatigueShortness of breatheMuscle or Joint painHeadacheSore throat and chillsDiarrhoea and…

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Health is the one thing that we need to care most in the world . As if you are healthy only then you can carry on with our day to day routines. Here we will go through best healthcare related tips in 2020. Lets start the journey "Take care of your body. It's only place you…

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Home remedies

Most of diseases arises due to unhealthy way of life , food habits, and many other reasons.This indirectly affects your healthcare and fitness which is fatal in situations like the Covid-19 pandemic . We are not able to visit the clinic every time for any disease so in this case we can use our home remedies…

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What is fitness?? It means to be in the best state of your health. Here we will get through some best and ultimate fitness tips. Fitness is not just working out and going to gym rather it mainly focused on your mind . Exercise a bit to stay fit " The last three or four reps…

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